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Total Home Security Kit + Install

Original price $2,324.00
Current price $1,849.00

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Our Best Value Package with everything you need to keep your home leak-free and secure.

  • Smart Water Shutoff valve
  • 3-Pack Smart Water Detectors, including three Remote Sensing Disc attachments
  • Two Leak Sensing Cable attachments
  • 5m Extension Cord for Smart Water Shutoff
  • Standard Setup
  • Free callout when you next need a plumber (conditions apply)
  • 5-Year Smart Water Shutoff product warranty 

The Flo Smart Water Shutoff is the industry-leading leak detection and water monitoring device for your home. Installed on the main water supply line, one device protects the entire home from supply-side water damage and leaks, guaranteed.

The Smart Water Shutoff continuously monitors your home's water pressure, flow rate, and temperature. Using our MicroLeak™ technology, the Shutoff also runs daily Health Tests to identify any small leaks behind your walls, down to a drip per minute.

Additionally, place your Smart Water Detectors anywhere in your home that may be particularly vulnerable to drainage or weather-related leaks. If an issue is detected, not only will you receive real-time notifications from your Flo App, but when used in conjunction with the Smart Water Shutoff, your Detectors can trigger the shut-off feature to protect the home from water damage immediately.

The included Leak Sensing Cables add extended sensitivity to your Detectors, allowing for moisture detection across the entire length of the cable. Place around the base of a water heater, line a leaky window, or place along the base of garage and basement walls to keep your home secure.

The entire system is supported by our FloSense™ AI, which learns the unique water footprint of your home to better identify water usage irregularities and inconsistencies, keeping you safer, faster.