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Terms and Conditions - Smart Water Installation

Plumbing can vary significantly from home to home, so installation of the Flo system requires more time and materials in some homes than others. But that’s on us - your bundled installation covers all standard Flo installations. But in rare instances, existing conditions in the home may prevent proper installation; the cost of correcting these issues would be your responsibility (and completely your decision).  Examples of these situations include:

  1. No power outlet within 3 meters of the home’s water supply line. Can often be corrected with an extension cord (which can be purchased with the device). Addition of a power outlet in your home would require a visit by an electrician.

  2. Plumbing system has pre-existing issues (i.e., abnormal pressure). May require additional materials and labor (i.e., installation/repair of pressure regulating valve).

  3. Water supply line is below ground. May require digging and/or addition of an enclosure for insulation from freezing temperatures.

  4. Water supply line is something other than PVC, CPVC, copper or pex for potable water only. May require additional labor and materials (i.e., special piping, fittings, strainers). 

Again, these situations are uncommon; in the vast majority of cases, all costs will be covered in FloPro installation bundle.  And in the rare cases where corrections are needed that would lead to additional fees, it is your option to complete them or not. If you decide not to, you are entitled to a full refund of your purchase.