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Smart Water Setup

For the Smart Water Shutoff to accurately analyse your home water and shut it off in emergencies, it needs to be installed on your main water line. We recommend only qualified, trained, and licensed professionals perform this setup.

Terms and conditions of a standard setup of a Smart Water Shutoff


  • Installation of one customer-supplied Smart Water Shutoff on a residential property
  • Assistance with ensuring your Smart Water Shutoff is properly functioning
  • 1-year product warranty


  • Confirm you have visible water supply pipe with space for installation 
  • Confirm you have an power point within 1.5m of install ( purchase our low voltage cable to extend this )
  • Confirm the size of your main water line (must be 20mm or 25mm)
  • Confirm your Wi-Fi network is within range of install

Note: The Shutoff cannot be installed on galvanised plumbing

The above criteria must be met in order to qualify for a standard setup. Additional work must be paid to the technician.  

If you would like to discuss setup, please call us on +61 2 8231 66 22