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Smart Water Detector



Access your Smart Water Detector Accessories and Placement Guide here:

About the Smart Water Detector

Smart Water Detectors can be placed anywhere that may be vulnerable to drainage leaks or weather-related leaks. You may use one, or multiple detectors throughout your home. The Detectors can also be used in conjunction with the Smart Water Shutoff for maximum protection. If water leaks, freezing temperatures, or irregular changes in humidity are detected, you will receive real-time notifications through your smartphone via the Flo App. After you have paired your Smart Water Detector to Wi-Fi through the Flo App, you’ll be ready to use your Detector. If you haven’t yet paired your Detector, visit our video library for further guidance.

What’s in the Box

In the Detector’s packaging, you’ll find: The Smart Water Detector, the optional Wall Mount Base with mounting hardware, and the optional Remote-Sensing Disc for those hard-reach-places. Additionally, you may purchase a Leak-Sensing Cable accessory. This braided cable is sensitive to leaks and moisture throughout its entire length and may be used to cover the circumference or length of an area, such as around a water heater. Refer to the Detector Accessories and Placement Guide above for more information.

Leak Sensors and Functionality

The Detector may be used on its own, or with a number of compatible accessories, depending on the use case. When used alone, the leak sensors are located at the back of the Detector. If an accessory is attached, these sensors become inactive while the Cable or Disc’s sensors activate to catch leaks in hard-to-reach places. If you intend to use the Leak-Sensing Cable or Remote-Sensing Disc, they must be used in conjunction with the Wall Mount Base. The Detector would be placed into the wall mount base and attached to the wall utilizing the adhesive on the back of the mount itself. For a more permanent installation, use the supplied mounting hardware to attach the detector and base to the wall with a screw. The Detector does not have to be mounted on a wall to function, and may still function when installed in the Wall Mount Base and placed directly on the ground. However, the sensing of water will be limited to the remote sensing disc or optional leak-sensing cable accessory.

Alerts and the Flo App

If your Detector senses water, it will beep and flash red. You will also receive an alert on your Flo App. When used together, the Smart Water Detector will communicate with the Smart Water Shutoff to turn your water off if a leak is detected. You can opt-out of this setting in the Device Settings section of your app.