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Google Smart Home Integration with Flo

Google Smart Home provides users with a way to control
Flo and 5,000+ other compatible smart home devices from
the Google Home app



Integration Features

  • Control and manage your Flo device and other popular home devices from just one place in the Google Home app.
  • Turn on or off your home's water through your Flo device by using the Google Home mobile app.
  • Change your Flo device to home, away, or sleep mode through Google Home.
  • Check if Flo detects a water leak in your home by communicating with Google Home.


Available Actions

“OK Google,..."

Change Flo to away mode.

Change Flo to home mode.

Is Flo open?

Does Flo detect a water leak?

Is the Flo in home mode?

Open Flo

Is the Flo in away mode?


How to Use

Download Flo App for free

  1. Install the Google Home app (iOS, Android).
  2. Set up Flo as an existing device through the Google Home app.
  3. Follow Google's prompt to link your Flo account.
  4. Try out the available actions (see above).