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Google Assistant

Google Assistant provides Flo users with a way to access information such as water usage & pending alerts.


Integration Features

  • Understand your water usage over a specified timeframe.
  • Learn about all of your Pending Alerts with Flo


  • Requirement: This integration requires a compatible device with Google Assistant functionality.

Available Actions

“OK Google, talk to Flo Device...”

Is everything okay at my home?

How much water have I used today? This week? This month? This year?

Do I have any pending alerts?

How to Use

Download Flo App for free

  1. Install the Google Assistant app (iOS, Android).
  2. Say “Ok Google, talk to Flo Device”, and start the conversation.
  3. Follow Google Assistant's prompt to link your Flo account.
  4. Try out the available commands (see above).