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Customer Stories: A Smart Water Shutoff Saved Me Thousands of Dollars Through Leak Detection

Customer Stories: A Smart Water Shutoff Saved Me Thousands of Dollars Through Leak Detection

Flooding in the past has cost John Riccio thousands of dollars, as well as a lot of hassle and time. As a resident in Melbourne, John has witnessed the distressing effect of droughts and flooding and researched how he can protect both his country and city properties with a smart flow shutoff. 

John explains, “I was looking for a water shut off valve and was happy to have found it in Australia. The first Flo device I bought was through Amazon from the US before there was a local distributor and then when I went to purchase a second device, I noticed there was an Australian distributor so I bought that one through WaterSecure.”

“The benefits of the Smart Water Shutoff are one, having the remote capability to control the water valve. The second, the intelligence of the device to identify any leaks regardless of how small they are. Third, is the data that it gives you at your fingertips in terms of water pressure, temperature, flow rate and all that sort of stuff.”




John has had several incidents both before and after purchasing the WaterSecure Co Smart Water Shutoff, which has proven just how beneficial control of your water supply is.

John expands, “We have suffered from big leaks numerous times. From a water-saving perspective, we had a situation where a gardener left a tap running and we were not at the property and it notified us of water leakage and we were able to turn the valve off remotely. 

Previously we had an issue where there was a leak in the rainwater tanks and by the time we got back we had lost 100,000 litres of water. But, since having the product installed we have had leakages in the water tanks again and if we didn’t pick it up it would have drained the tanks like it did last time. To refill the tanks it’s a couple of thousands of dollars.”




Not only has the Smart Water Shutoff saved money through leak detection. It has also allowed John the ability to limit and control water usage within the home, such as limiting the amount of water in the toilet cistern. 

One of the reasons John purchased the WaterSecure Co Smart Water Shutoff is because of an experience his neighbour had. 

“I had a neighbour that got woken in the middle of the night and went to get out of bed and as he put his feet on the carpet it was flooded because the hose in his ensuite has popped off and flooded into the bedroom. If we had a valve it would have triggered the water to shut off and prevented this...this was a trigger point for him to purchase one himself.”

John adds, “A clear benefit for me is that I have confidence that I won't have an insurance water claim for burst pipes and leaking appliances and I intend to contact my insurer to negotiate a discount on my insurance because of this.”

Marcus Fantl, Co-founder of WaterSecure Co says: “It’s great to see this product in use and our customer benefiting financially from day one. One of the best things about the product is how easy it is to use. Homeowners and business customers can download the free Flo app to have complete control over the water in their home so that they will always know what is going on, from pipe leaks and taps left on, to monitoring holiday homes and managing consumption during summer water restrictions. Living in a drought-stricken country, we know how important it is to save water and the product’s smart technology quickly learns the unique water footprint of your home to better identify water usage irregularities putting you back in control.”


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